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    Guiding teams toward more "Eureka!" moments using

    creative strategies and real-world experience.

  • What, Why, and How

    On-site or virtual coaching is tailored

    to the unique needs of your teams, products, and industry

    with an emphasis on clear priorities and current capabilities.

    Agile Workshop Room (c) Laura Peterson

    Product Ownership

    Pragmatic Requirements

    What Should We Do.... First?

    "Why do we need this?" Build story maps, release plans, and idea backlogs that are user-centric and outcome-oriented.

    Crazy Eights Paper Prototypes (C) Laura Peterson

    Project Incubation

    Design Sprints​

    How Might We Delight Users?

    Choose a challenge, prototype viable ideas, get feedback, and make decisions during five intense, focused, and fun days.

    Sailboat Retrospective (C) Laura Peterson

    Agile Coaching

    Continuous Improvement

    Is This the Best We Can Do?

    Discover your ideal goals and map out plans to achieve them with collaborative and creative workshops and exercises.

  • Who

    Meet your team.

    Laura Peterson

    Founder, Agile Coach, and Product Manager

    Dynamic leader with 18 years' experience launching high-profile award-winning products while optimizing delivery with teams at the Glover Park Group, POLITICO, Bigpoint Games, SoundCloud, the National Geographic Channel, AOL, and Codemasters.


    Geek, musician, DeLorean owner, avid traveler, and triathlete.

  • Feedback

    Testimonials from prior projects

    Design Sprint Facilitation

    "Laura swooped in and helped us organise an incredibly focused week-long discovery sprint that resulted in a cohesive concept that gave us enough fodder to go into rapid prototyping and user testing. It was an extremely helpful process and in turn changed our team's culture to be more hands-on and cross-functionally collaborative. It was incredible to have her with us."


    Aubrey, Product Management @ SoundCloud

    Design Sprint Facilitation

    "Laura was a fantastic facilitator throughout our Design Sprint. She not only helped create a structure and pace for rapid ideation, she helped us grow closer as a team. That might sound cheesy, but when we ran into fundamental differences of opinion that threatened to throw us off course, she provided down-to-earth guidance that helped us work through it. In the end, we had a better product strategy, designs to test with users, and a more cohesive team."

    Brian, former Tech Lead @ SoundCloud

  • n = charity

    At least 2% of n = blue's monthly earnings go to charity, including these recipients in 2017:

    Nikolas' Leukemia Treatment Fund

    Team GTFO Cancer (St. Jude Heroes)

    Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia

    United Way of Houston

    Suncoast Center, Inc.

    Doctors Without Borders

    United Way of Central West Virginia

  • n = blog

    Postcards from the agile journey

    February 17, 2018 · everyday agile,retrospectives,gun violence,nonviolent,communication
    With proper set-up and context, retrospectives can be vital tools to help any group of people share and discuss their opinions about topics, even heated ones, in a calm and constructive manner. In light of the recent events in Parkland, Fla., I have adapted some known retrospective techniques and...
    January 4, 2017 · retrospectives,goal-setting,everyday agile
    Disclaimer: this isn't a tough-love motivational post about the importance of SMART New Year's Resolutions or that one weird (yet astoundingly clever!) trick on how to achieve them. Nor is it a clever and quirky way to show you how to conduct an effective retrospective because there are already...
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